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this article was first published 30/11/2012

Are you struggling and are you incapable of making sense of Marketing Attribution? 58% of marketers believe that ‘a perfect attribution model is impossible’ – do you agree, only 17% say no?

Adobe surveyed more than 700 digital professionals across Europe and North America, in association with Econsultancy, to learn more about how they are tackling marketing attribution. 

Let’s look at some findings which might surprise us.

  • Only 54% of businesses carry out any form of attribution, of whom 28% only use the last click
  • But of those who do: 89% say attribution had a positive impact on their business
  • And 29% say it was major

What are the top benefits for marketers?

  • 70%: Justifying marketing spend
  • 66%: Building and understanding the customer journey
  • 58%: Optimising the media mix

The question, why aren’t companies using attribution, gave a surprising result. Larger companies struggled with tech implementations, 32% compared to 14% of small businesses.

Interesting to learn is also the fact that marketers say that new channels are driving increased interest in attribution, 50% on mobile, and 43% on social.

Types of attribution:

  • Apart from ‘last click’, 44% believe in first click models.
  • 38% of marketers carry out attribution manually.
  • 58% believe perfect attribution is impossible and only 17% disagree.

The infographic explains what marketers see as the barriers to success. The question was also asked if organizations incorporate offline channels or only online touchpoints.

It turns out that one of the key elements to success is flexibility, and exactly where is the struggle of most marketers. They claim that their technology is not flexible enough (43%)

Only 31% of marketers say their systems are flexible.

With the increasing complexity of customer journeys, it is crucial for Marketers to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and how it contributes to increasing conversions. In the infographic, Adobe explains 5 steps to master marketing attribution.

Take a look at some of the key findings, as well as the five steps to mastering marketing attribution in this info­graphic, brought to you by @AdobeMktgCloud:

Making Sense of Marketing Attribution
Here are the five steps:

1- Get to grips with technical hurdles. Find the right analytics platform and make sure you have the resources in place to implement them.

2- Move away from the single-click model. Take a holistic approach to measurement.

3- Integrate your online and offline knowledge – measurement shouldn’t be in silos.

4- Think about structural issues in your organisation that may be holding back innovation

5- Optimise your opportunities: use prespective analytics rather than predictive.

Download the full report now from Adobe

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