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So, we know already that Artificial Intelligence is now the trend and everyone wants to put their hands on it. The race is on! In a recent interview, Corporate Vice President Panos Panay officially announced, Microsoft working on an Artificial Intelligence Processor across all its devices.

Internet of Things, a giant leap into the future of technology and Digital Marketing.

Ralph Rahal

Digital Marketing Solutions Consultant, Skillz Middle East

In early July 2017, Microsoft announced that they are working on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) processor to use in its next-generation Hololense headsets. The idea was that with this AI chip, the Hololense will be able to detect and recognize objects in its line of sight. In a recent interview with the tech giant Corporate Vice President Panos Panay, he said that the development of this chip is running extremely well and that they are working very hard to design the best possible processor.

In that interview, CVP Panos Panay also mentioned that it is expected that these chips will be implemented in several of their devices and in the devices of other brands as well. with this knowledge, we can expect in the next coming years to have an Artificial Intelligence processor in our everyday devices like mobile phones, TV’s, wearables, home smart devices, computers, etc…

This AI processor will analyze what the users see and hear on the spot without having to waste precious time to send the data to the cloud for analysis.

The race is on! Apple also hit the news in May of this year that it’s working on a dedicated chip to power AI on its devices.

Tech Giants are keen to bring cool artificial intelligence features to phones and augmented reality goggles. Intel and Facebook as well are collaborating on Artificial Intelligence according to a publication by Fortune last October.

Beside organizations and business corporates also nations initiative into R&D of AI is raising the bars. Saudi Arabia as one of the first countries on earth awarded the citizenship to Sophia, a humanoid robot. Russia, China, and US announced earlier this year large investments into R&D for AI. Of course, it’s all about world domination, just kidding.

Below is a video of CVP Panos Panay’s Interview on CNBC.

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Source: CNBC

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