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Your Website (Home page) is without a doubt the most important page of an online store (e-commerce shop). It has the power to propel sales, but if it is not strategically designed it can also hurt the business greatly. Continue reading and learn more tricks on how to drive more sales for your business in the era of globalization.

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an e-commerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech,, Titan Tech, and Smart Marketing.
Junaid Ali Qureshi

Guest Writer

Your Website is responsible for creating a good first impression for the entire store, but it can also help us win the trust of visitors, challenge them and guide them effectively to convert them into customers.

There is no magic formula or unique recipe to apply to all e-commerce, there is no “one size fits all” that is really effective. Many factors are to consider:

  • Is it a page that must highlight a unique product?
  • A handful of niche products?
  • Or rather hundreds of products of different categories?

However, there are some golden rules to follow and several tips that can be applied to all sites to maximize the effectiveness of the homepage,

Whether on the online store or door-to-door marketing, woocommerce mix and match give us tips and tricks to generate more sales for our businesses.

How to capture the attention of visitors

When a visitor is on the home page of our online store, we have about 10 seconds to hang it and encourage him to continue his visit. That’s why it’s so important to find an effective way to get your attention. We must present him with an element that will excite, intrigue, impress, surprise, make him laugh … In short, a unique way to make him want to stay on the shop and become a customer today.

The attention span of our young generation ‘Gen Z ‘is lower than the other generation, in 8 seconds you lose them. 

Showcasing high-quality photographs on the home page can have a big impact, whether it’s product photos or product staging in a “lifestyle” context.

If it’s possible, posting a video on the home page is also a great way to grab their attention.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Differentiate yourself from the competitors

After capturing the attention of visitors, it is also very important that they know what the benefits are of making a purchase on this shop rather than that of a competitor.

If we offer free shipping, we have a policy of the lowest price, we offer an extraordinary offer or our products stand out in one way or another, it is important that visitors have access to this information quickly and display it clearly.

How to convert visitors into customers

Once we have caught the attention of visitors and aroused their interest, it is imperative to present them with a call to action, ie a phrase like “Take advantage of this offer now” or “Get you a (product name) today!”Followed by a clickable button that leads them to the shopping cart and the payment page

How to simplify navigation

This point is mostly about online stores that have a large inventory of products for sale on their site, but this principle should apply to all sites.

Visitors do not visit the site of an online store to play. They must be able to find and buy the product they are looking for easily and quickly otherwise, they will look elsewhere without thinking twice.

In a successful e-Commerce store, easy navigation can be achieved with breadcrumbs, facetted search, advanced search or modern voice search capabilities. This will boost your popularity and drive more sales. 

First, the home page of a W that offers more than one product must, therefore, include two elements: a simple and concise navigation bar and a search bar.

To simplify the main navigation bar as much as possible, you can use the footer navigation bar to link to information pages such as “about”, “delivery policy”, “contact us”, etc.

Clean up as much as possible for an effective homepage

When we create a home page, we do not create the biography page of our company, we do not create a press review page and we do not create a fact sheet that lists every detail of our products.

When creating a home page, we must create an experience for the customer. We want to create an emotion.

Optimize the site for mobile devices

One of the most important elements not to overlook, for the home page (and the site in general), is to make sure that the design is “mobile-friendly”, ie which is optimized for mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Every year, the proportion of transactions made by mobile devices increases and so woocommerce coupon must adapt to this reality at the risk of losing sales and customers.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Add a Popup to the shop’s home

The home page of an online store is an excellent place to include a Popup in order to present an offer to visitors and collect their email address to be able to keep in touch with them with an email marketing strategy.

Never lose an opportunity to talk about your business!

Take advantage of all occasions (meals with friends, during your travels …), without drunk everyone with your job stories, but by telling funny anecdotes and preparing a speech to present very quickly your business (= the presentation of your company in 30 seconds Chrono).

Book 10 minutes a day to do Marketing

To see long-term effects, your marketing efforts must be regular. You must extract yourself from the urgency of everyday life to prepare your future more sales: SEO on the internet, a reminder of your biggest customers, loyalty, mailings…

For that, as soon as you arrive at the office, do not throw yourself on your mailbox, but just listen to your answering machine, and check that there is no urgency. Then, take 10 minutes to implement some of your good resolutions (call every morning a big client, post a message on your blog …).

Identify why your customers buy your product and not that of your competitors!

You need to know what your strength, your competitive advantage, the major benefit of your products … perceived by your customers, then you focus on this strength and put it even more in value in all your marketing tools. Knowing your customer is halfway to drive more sales and being successful.

Concentrate on hot prospects

When you have a lot of prospect requests (trade shows, after an emailing …) learn to detect hot prospects (those who will buy quickly) and cold prospects (who are just watching).

Listening is in sales more powerful than messaging all the time your hot prospects. Enable two-way communication over the right channel.

You need to provide a special pitch for cold prospects to spend the least amount of time with them, while keeping their contact information and restarting when you have more time to devote to them (eg “I have documentation that will help you make your choice, look at it quietly at home and I’ll call you back next Tuesday … “) .. And book a more complete argument (long demonstration …) for hot prospects.

Focus your efforts on 1 strategy

Do not run several hares at once: focus on the strength of your business and make it your credo and competitive advantage that you put in all your marketing tools.

Add your business card in all your letters

On your card, you have to show your product/service offering, your competitive advantage, and your contact details for all channels.

Of course, it is also essential to have always your business cards, and when you distribute them, always specify who your offer is addressed to do not say “in case I give you my card”, but rather “If you know a business creator, you can give him my contact information, I will give him a price …”.

Be careful, even if business cards are not expensive, this is not a reason to distribute them on the fly: it is better to do quality and take time to explain your offer and why it is so interesting.

Add your business card in all your letters
Image Credit: Pixabay

Respond to your prospect’s requests as quickly as possible

Experience shows that the faster you respond to a request for documentation, the more likely you are to close the sale. The delay of 48 hours after the first contact is the maximum that should be tolerated, otherwise, it is one of your competitors who will take care of it or your prospect will have had the time to see several offers and so he will give himself the time to compare the market offers.

Set up a customer database

It’s essential: your clients are your capital. You must be able to grow by launching loyalty and extension operations to sell complementary products. But it must also serve you to track customer satisfaction.

Set up a community of customers

Your best customers are your best ambassadors: you must allow them to get together, share their experiences, and communicate about your products…

This can go via a forum on the internet, mornings of users, focus customer groups … Nevertheless attention, you must always master the communication made with this group (stay the central and unavoidable animator), otherwise, you risk losing control!

Retain your best customers

You have to put the price factor second in the process of choosing your customers. This, of course, involves additional services (paid or free), but also by building a relationship with your customers.

For example, you can regularly offer gifts to the best buyers of your products, to stay in their minds.

Distribute a maximum of documentation during your exhibitions

Attention, always prefer the quantity to the quality, if you have a limited budget! Better a flyer with a strong offer distributed to hundreds of copies, a big document that will be distributed to a few people.

A word of advice: If you are organizing an animation at a partner or at a sales point, always leave a little document after you, even if it will be thrown in the week. Indeed, there are always people who miss this kind of entertainment and who spend the next day or the day after to ask for documentation.

Take advantage of any pretext to get people talking in the press

Almost all the events of your company can serve as a basis for a press release: signing a big contract, birthday, new products … Do not hesitate to send a press release to journalists, on the one hand, you can have an article, but in addition, it gives credibility to your company by becoming the reference of the business sector for journalists.

Offer rewarding corporate gifts

There is no point in offering gifts that will not be worn or used by your customers. So make your brand appear discreetly, and for your Tshirt favor humorous designs.

Look after your image and be present on the internet

Your image is one of the elements that allow your customers to identify you, so do not skimp on the legibility of your logo, your showcase, the name of your company, the appearance of your vehicles, your website … and of course your appearance!

For example, for your logo always foresee a declination on several supports: website, brochures … and why not advertising objects or derivatives.

By end of 2019 there have been 1.7 billion websites online. So think twice how to present yourself and make a difference to been memorized.

Develop a website even if your activity is not selling your products or services on the internet, because a website presentation is unavoidable.

Many companies are connected to the internet, and this is the first tool used to search for information or suppliers. You must look after the domain name, keywords, SEO, the appearance of your site.

Set up a loyalty system

For this, reward your best customers for their purchases with an incentive to consume more, or give benefits in case of bulk or consecutive purchases (good on their next purchase, a gift after X purchases …).

Of course, you need to set up a newsletter to communicate about your new products and services and stay in the minds of your customers.

You must also set up a sponsorship program to promote word of mouth. For this loyalty program to be effective, you must plan a marketing action plan throughout the year and do not forget to touch all possible targets (customers, prospects, specifiers …).

Use Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is about getting your visitor to talk to you about their knowledge. For that nothing more difficult, because it is necessary that you provoke an emotion at the user. For a well-orchestrated Buzz Marketing, you have to help, shock, amuse, surprise … the user to remember you.

For example, you can offer him an ebook that he can easily relay to his friends by placing a link at the bottom of each page to your site. You can also make a video.

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