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But I obtained the image online, so it is free, correct? Well, I hear this in my professional life a lot when offering stock photo services. Nevertheless, there is not much awareness about protection and how to avoid breaking the copyright law.

Digital Marketing is not anymore like traditional marketing. In the era of digital transformation happening everywhere, marketers want a proof of their investment. Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

If you are using Google on a daily base to search for images, you might have observed the recent changes. Google updated displaying results for image search, the ‘view image’ button has been removed and the copyright notice has been made more prominent.

Google is trying to accomplish the mission to raise more awareness for copyrights. I can hear the voice of some people stitching their own homepage together with the online tools like WIX. “I found the image on Google, It was so easy to copy from there.” do people say often. The Infographic points it out “Many people don’t even know it’s wrong, but unintentional stealing is still stealing.” they break the copyright law.

Producing your own images and photos for your online content is time-consuming and costs money. Marketers, bloggers and others using own created online content are trying a lot to protect their assets against online image theft and copyright infringement.

The infographic, created by reverse image-search service Berify, illustrates the consequences for image thefts. They also provide information when it is allowed to use copyright protected images.

Companies could easily protect themselves from misusage of stock photos and copyright protected material violation. A digital asset management solution can keep track on license information and expiry dates. 

A photographer or marketer creating valuable online content, you have a couple of options how to preserve your work. The graphic also clarifies things to arrange after you discovered someone stole or misused your photo.

Understanding and awareness are the two top priorities in this industry. Companies lose millions of dollars per year paying penalties for using someone else intellectual property. Before you accidentally steal from someone’s livelihood educate yourself by reading the below Infographic.

Share your experience and your knowledge how copyright law gets executed in your home country. We know not everywhere it is the same. Be that as it may, the concepts are anchored in nearly every law in this world. Use our comment section to establish the dialogue.

Are You Guilty of Stealing Images? How to Avoid Breaking Copyright Law
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