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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Pinterest for Business: Seven Helpful Tips [Infographic]

Pinterest is an oft-overlooked social media platform, but it has more than 200 million monthly active users who spend an average of 14+ minutes on the site per visit. As a marketer, if your target audience is on Pinterest, you’ll want to be there as well. Let’s get started and make Pinterest for Business successful.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

It was a long time ago one of my favorite platforms for uploading photo albums. But what happened over time? I nearly lost it out of my eye side. Still, until today, I like the features offered and I think there are certain business segments for who it is mandatory to be on there.

Also, many marketers are unsure about how to use Pinterest as a business, much less how to monetize it. Reason enough to find out how Pinterest could help with your digital marketing strategy mix.

The following infographic, created by custom website development agency Branex, explains seven tips marketers can make Pinterest work for them.

Also what we can read in the graphic are all numbers which justify that Pinterest is maybe the right spot for you.

93% of Active Pinners use Pinterest to plan their purchase

87% of proactive pinners purchase a product due to Pinterest

72% of Pinners leverage Pinterest to decide what to buy offline

53.3% of Pinterest users are located outside of the US

45% of Females online are using Pinterest

Does this not sound promising to you? Well if you are not amazed by this numbers than read the full graphic for more numbers.

Read also about the seven active tips which make Pinterest for Business work for you. For example, the graphic suggests that simply pinning images from your site is not enough; by adding metadata to those pins, you can create “rich pins” that let users know what to expect before clicking. You can also use Pinterest ads to extend the reach of your pins, much like you can on other social platforms.

Pinterest users spend an average of 14.2 minutes on each visit

Ready to get pinning, read more about Pinterest for Business and the seven helpful tips. Check out the graphic for more ideas. Share your experience with your peers, use our commenting section below.

Pinterest for Business: Seven Helpful Tips [Infographic]

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