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The disciplines of marketing and psychology go well together. Both deal with the complexities of the human mind and how it responds to different factors or settings. If you’re struggling with attracting and engaging your target audience, it might be a good idea to explore the tenets of psychology and how you could apply them in your digital marketing campaigns.

Rob Fitzgerald is the Founder and CEO of Connext Digital. He has amassed a wealth of digital marketing experience since the late 90s. He is authentic in wanting to help businesses increase their bottom line through strategic customer acquisition efforts. Outside of work, Rob enjoys watching Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football and the Washington Redskins. He lives to watch his kids play sports and is very active in coaching youth athletics.
Rob FitzGerald

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The first step is to study how consumers are behaving. Since the method of marketing has shifted from traditional to digital marketing campaigns, you’ll also want to understand how these changes are affecting modern consumers. Are they actively engaging with brands in one particular channel, or are they moving from one channel to another before deciding to purchase? Once you’re able to identify your audience’s preferred channel of communication, you should work on improving the way that you use that channel.

In psychology, there’s such a thing called the isolation effect. The idea behind it is that people find it easy to focus on an element within a group or cluster when it is isolated from the rest.

Similarly, your call to action (CTA) on your website could open an opportunity for you to market your brand, product, or service to your site’s visitors, but only if it’s visually prominent and eye-catching enough.

When you get past this stage – that is, you have succeeded in making your prospects click on your ad or link, your goal now is to make your visitors stay on your site. Again, you could tap your understanding of consumer behavior especially about what customers want or need.

Are they looking for more information about your ad? Are they trying to compare prices? Do they need instant answers to their questions? By anticipating these things, you could prepare for them beforehand and have everything available on your site. As a result, you create a user-friendly experience, which could help you convert your future customers.

Another benefit that psychology offers to your team is in helping you deal with the ever-decreasing attention span of modern consumers. These days, you have to work doubly hard to cut through the noise in the digital marketing space. With too much information being pushed to consumers, it’s inevitable that they would become more critical of which marketing message to pay attention to. If you could effectively deliver your message in a concise format, it would be easier for you to win your audience’s attention as well as their perception toward your brand.

Last but not least, psychology has the potential of influencing a positive change in the way that people regard consumerism. For example, as you market your credit products, you could channel your efforts first and foremost on helping consumers realize the value of financial planning. You’d do well to provide valuable content about this subject, which means you’ll need as much information about your prospects as much as possible.

This is a better approach than the hard sell stance, where you aggressively promote your product to try to close a sale. Psychology in marketing helps you build a relationship that’s based on trust so that consumers feel comfortable giving their information, data, or business to you.

Check out our infographic prepared by Connect Digital, which gives us more ideas on various applications of psychology in digital marketing campaigns, read more below. Share with us how you can improve your digital marketing campaigns with psychology, share your thoughts in our commenting section.

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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