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podcast | Skillz Middle East
podcast | Skillz Middle East
What Buyers want to See when you are Trying to Sell Your Website

Trying to sell your website can be a daunting task. Today, we detail what website purchasers are actually looking for – not the surface – level tips and traits that other blogs claim will work.

This is a must read for anyone serious about selling their website.


Similar to flipping real estate properties, website buyers will not purchase your website unless they believe there is money to be made. As such, buyers are looking for website properties that have all the right components but have yet to reach their full potential.

Be prepared to open up your Google Analytics account for inspection. Like purchasing real estate, any knowledgeable buyer will conduct due diligence to ensure that a profit can be made through the acquisition of your site.

Here is what they’ll be looking for:

Location, Location, Location

For web addresses, “.com” still reigns supreme. Like a house in a prime location, buyers look for websites that have been built on the most valuable real estate. Other TLDs can have high value if they are supported by the factors discussed below, but on average “.com,” “.net,” and “.org” will drive a higher price.

The other important component of your website address is your domain name. Is the domain name memorable? Is it short? Is it brandable? Here is a list of 7 factors that make up a valuable domain name.

Due to its highly visible nature, a domain name can be a ‘make or break’ item on your future buyer’s checklist. A desirable name can attract suitors, while a non-desirable one can send them running.

What Buyers want to See when you are Trying to Sell Your Website

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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Buyers want to know how much money your site generates and if this number is predictable over months. Can you show multiple months of income and predictability?

Buyers will also what to know how your revenue is generated. Is it through direct sales, affiliate links, or advertising? Buyers are much more likely to make a purchase when they know they will see an immediate return.

However, don’t sell yourself short. Even if your MRR numbers are low, your site may still have tremendous value based upon other factors. Don’t let a buyer undervalue your site based on MRR alone.

Domain Authority (DA)

Your Domain Authority score will let buyers know how reputable your domain is in Google’s eyes. This is extremely valuable because your DA score shows how easy it will be to get new content to rank on Google searches.

In short, a higher DA score means it will be less work for your future purchaser to drive new organic traffic. To check your DA score, go to this free authority checker.

A high DA score can help compensate for low MRR numbers, as future content can rank faster and make it easier to drive new revenue.

Organic Traffic

Buyers looking to flip your site will want to see a high number of organic traffic. They will likely ask for access to your Google Analytics account to see these numbers. Like DA scores, high organic traffic is important to buyers because it shows them that your site needs less help to bring people to it.

They will also be looking at which specific pages are generating the most of your high traffic. Can the pages generating traffic be further monetized? As stated before, buyers are looking for sites that have not yet maximized their potential. If there are new monetization verticals available within your site, you may be able to drive a premium.


Buyers want to purchase sites that have high-quality backlinks, so having as many quality sites linking to yours is crucial.

Having backlinks is important for a variety of reasons. They drive organic traffic, boost DA scores and will be less work for your buyer to cultivate.

Each quality backlink you have is valuable and can contribute to the overall valuation of your site. Do not neglect the backlinks!


Buyers want to purchase sites that are in trending niches. An easy way to check if your niche is still popular is to check the monthly search volume surrounding it. Uber suggest is a great, free tool that will allow you to see if people are interested in your subject matter.

Summing It Up

Buyers want to purchase website properties that can make them money. Using the factors listed above, they will estimate value and give you an offer.

That being said, valuing websites is not an exact science. Don’t be scared to counter an offer. If a buyer is only using your MRR to determine the value your site, be sure to point out the other factors that give your site value.

The key is to come to the negotiating table prepared. Potential buyers have done their research. Make sure you do yours as well. Know what components of your website are valuable and what components have the most potential. With an understanding of the factors listed above, you will be able to sell your site without fear and get the most out of your hard work.

For additional information, visit Kingmakers, the expert-level resource for buying and selling online businesses. This helps you to achieve you mission to sell your website.

Karen Evans is an expert marketer who built and managed 20+ successful blogs, some with 500k+ monthly visitors, in various niches.

Tired of seeing beginners take a scatter gun approach towards their blogs and eventually crashing and burning, she set up Start Blogging Online as a guiding beacon for them.

Karen Evans

Guest Writer

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