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Google is changing their algorithms frequently to rank Websites in their search engine, and it is hard to keep up for SEO. The infographic is a Technical 101, how to get your WebSites Ranked in Google and what you can do to best and what to avoid.

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Dieter Hovorka

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If you are a regular visitor of our blog you might have been reading about trends in SEO and Google’s search algorithm updates, and today’s infographic continues our SEO theme by focusing on the technical aspects of the practice, thanks to an infographic released by Ice Cube Marketing.

If you are building your website you follow an architecture of your website which is key in helping Google crawl your site easily. The infographic assists you in the outline of the structure your website should follow. Also clear is the mission over the last years, mobile first and we see the most important elements which google is focusing on.

With the emphasis on content today, it is easy to overlook technical SEO. It sets the foundation of your website and magnifies all other SEO efforts. So keep on reading and make sure you are on top of the 3 top factors.

 Mobile friendliness: From 2015, more mobile0friendly sites will appear in search results. Make your site responsive or create a mobile version

 Fast loading speed: First announced in 2010, Google crawls your website for coding inefficiencies, that drags downloading speed. Optimize your images, upgrade hosting plan, among other things.

 Secure your side with a SSL certificate: Starting 2014, Google uses HTTPs as ranking signal. Purchase a SSL cert from your host

More to know are the things you should avoid, they don’t do’s for a webmaster. The infographic also explains tools that are available to help your SEO efforts, such as Google Webmaster Tools, PageSpeed insights, and Screaming Frog.

And it lays out clear do’s and don’ts, such as do make your website mobile-friendly, and don’t include intrusive interstitials.

To see how you can tackle technical SEO for your websites ranked in Google, check out the infographic. Did you use speed testing tools or websites to succeed in this mission? Share your experience in our commenting section below with your peers.

Technical SEO 101: Get Your Websites Ranked on Google

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