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Technology has changed our lifestyle, the way we socialize, and now it’s even changing the way we organize and attend major events. Today, advances in technology have led to extensive improvements in the field of event management. With the inception of new event technologies, it’s no wonder that attendees are feeling more engaged than ever.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Attending in-person events has valuable benefits like meeting people or networking, but technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in events as we know them. Software solutions are changing how event organizers perform their jobs. For attendees, it is a must to have all information on the fingertip like event guide, exhibitor information and how to exchange themselves with peers.

An infographic by event creator Maximillion illustrates how technology has been transforming and will transform event management in the near future. Maximillion looked at the UK market, but I guess it can apply in any region.

I am living in Dubai, UAE and see how many overlapping events are happening here every week. The big known once like Big5, Arab Health, GITEX Technology or CityScape are shinning out but lose out in the usage of technology. We all hope that investments from the organizers will continue to enable the audience also after the exhibition.

Like any other field, we can see that technology in event management it is an opportunity and not a threat, technology will transform Event Management.

Techniques like geofencing and RFID (radio-frequency identification) are explained in the infographic. The infographic also explains how robots and drones can be used for events, and it lists the benefits to event planners in using such technologies.

Technology in event management is all about time savings, reduce human errors, monitor costs, exchange in networking and enhances collaboration. For the organizers, we see the classic marketing tactics like email marketing, social marketing and live streaming us useful to promote their efforts and event across the boundaries.

One of my favorite mention words in the Infographic is crowdshaping.  Crowdshaping involves gathering data generated by attendees to adjust an event.

To see more details how technology will Transform Event Management, check out the infographic.

How Tech Will Transform Event Management

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