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When you apply for a job did you ever wonder what is the most important element during an interview for the hiring managers? Learn from job applicants who tend to overestimate the impact of knowing someone at the company during the hiring process. Don’t trap into the same mistake they do, they underestimate the impact of personality, according to recent research from Simply Hired.

When people apply for a job they tend to overestimate the impact of knowing someone at the company during the hiring process, and they underestimate the impact of personality shows recent research from Simply Hired.

Jobs in Demand 

Reading a blog from LinkedIn shows the most in-demand jobs in 2020. We can experience COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe begin to lift, job seeking has surged back to pre-pandemic levels. Looking on the job boards we can get a crystal clear picture of which jobs are in demand. Software engineers, nurses, salespeople, and drivers experience a good momentum of need.

While in many countries supply chains are interrupted in import, supply chain associates, supermarket department specialists, and store associates are high in demand for shiftwork. Also certified public accountant which can fulfill the job via the remote office are on the list of in-demand jobs.

Interested to find a job and shine at your job interview, then we have maybe the right information for you today. Understanding the hiring manager and speaking the same language is key to success even if you need to work virtual with a recruiter.

How to get successful Hired 

In the research 500+, hiring managers and 500+ people have been questioned who have applied for a job in the past year. Job applicants significantly overestimate relationships with someone in a company that does influence the hiring managers.

A long track history of education shows not to be the biggest advantage. Alo applicants believe participating in professional groups and portfolio examples are enough the get quick a job assignment.

The average time to-hire across all industries is 3-4 weeks in 2020. On average, recruiters are spending ⅔ of their overall hiring time on the interview process. 

While applicants strongly believe skill specialization and a great work portfolio plays a key role, hiring managers do not give the same importance to those topics.

Hiring managers are focusing more on the intellectual values of applicants, asking smart questions and personality are key to get actual a job offer. Applicants and hiring managers understand that references are some kind of important.

Language education is not always a key factor and also not fancy resume formats or design according to the interviewed hiring managers.

For more insights from the survey, check out the infographic below.

Infographic What Hiring Managers Value vs. What Job Applicants Think Matters
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