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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Employee Advocacy Program Statistics for Marketers [Infographic]

At this point, your company is probably investing time, money, and other resources into social media, but a key component still missing from most social media marketing efforts is an employee advocacy program.

Employee Advocacy program
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Dieter Hovorka

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A couple of infographics from employee advocacy platform EveryoneSocial, highlight why companies did not recognize the power of this type of programs.

Even though marketers tend to recognize the importance and value of employee advocacy, others in the company, including other departments and the C-suite, very well may not. In addition, some objections might occur when it comes to employee advocacy programs, but the facts below might convince the one or other marketer.

Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees vs. the same messages shared via official brand social channels. – MSLGroup

However, employee advocacy can be invaluable, helping to boost brand visibility, drive quality leads, increase social engagement, reduce advertising costs, improve revenue, even aid in recruitment, and much more.

In the survey performed 79% of firms reported more online visibility after they implemented a formal employee advocacy program. Hinge Marketing found that 65% of the companies reported an increase in brand recognition. The consumer interacts 8 times higher when employee creat content than by brand channels.

Paid media is not the yellow of the egg, peer-to-peer and mouth-to-mouth information sharing can be much more powerful, when it comes to increasing brand awareness.

We could, after all, say an employee is a better brand advocate than any advertising campaign. Social Marketing is getting 7 times more efficient for lead generation when it’s done by employees.

Can we say that employees are on the best way to be an influencer? Well, I would say yes, companies need to think of the possibility to strengthen their engagement and support them. Investing in influencer marketing or employee advocacy programs, the below facts seem to indicate a clear picture. An appropriate mix should be unmissed in your digital marketing strategy.

An employee advocacy program involving 1,000 active participants can generate $1,900,000 in advertising value, found by Kredible

Just to mention this again, an employee advocate program costs 1/10 of a paid advertising campaign. The stats in the following infographics can support marketers build a case for employee advocacy programs. 

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