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The team of Leisure Jobs has recently finished a fun and educational infographic called ‘How To Gain A Massive Following On Instagram!’ that includes some interesting facts and informative takeaways for people looking to boost their following on Instagram. Massive Instagram Followers is key to succeed in todays social media jungle.

Today’s fun infographic educates us on a quick and simple way how we can grow our Instagram community. Read about 10 tips which can help you to grow your community quickly.

1. Post Consistently

Those who post at least once a day is more likely to grow their followers and likes on Instagram! Your Instagram follower growth rate can double just by posting up to 7 posts per week!

The key takeaway

Consistency is crucial. The best results come from regular Instagram posts.

2. Go live, post videos and stories

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing network, over 250 million people share video-based stories every day! Going
‘Live on Instagram’ automatically pushes you to the front of the stories feed.

The key takeaway

You can create all different types of content to engage with your followers. Remember engagement for videos is growing quicker than engagement for images!

3. Use quality hashtags

You can target your audience and gain larger exposure by using the location tag and #hashtags! Due to its popularity, it’s now possible to follow specific hashtags! A study by ‘Simply Measured’ found that the highest amount of engagement is generated from the use of #hashtags and location tags.

The key takeaway

TrackMaven found that 9 #hashtags is the optimal amount for maximizing engagement!

4. Share user-generated content

You can take the best content from the web and feature it on your own Instagram channel whilst crediting the original creator! User-generated content increases the chance of an Instagram follower becoming a customer!

The key takeaway

Increase your followers, engagement and conversion rate by posting user-generated content. Big brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and GoPro post the best customer photo’s to their account, so get creative!

5. Collaborate with others

Extend your reach and grow your followers with collaborations! You can collaborate with others via partnerships or sponsorships! If you have a budget for Instagram sponsorships then influencer marketing might be suitable for you!

The key takeaway

Influencers are paid to tag your brand in their post(s), which increases brand awareness and drives people towards your profile.

6. Post at your best times

There isn’t a universal ‘time to post’ – Everyone has their own ‘best time’ depending on their habits and followers. The best time to post is when the majority of your followers are active but how can you know when that is? Well …

Tap on your profile photo

  • Tap on the Instagram Insights icon (bar chart)
  • Scroll down to ‘Followers’ and tap on ‘See More’
  • Scroll down …
  • You can now see the days and hours that your followers are most active!

The key takeaway

If you don’t have a business account on Instagram, you can use other tools to review followers like Iconosquare or Buffer for Business.

7. Use your analytics

Grow your following by posting quality content that your followers will want to engage with! Instagram Insights will give you the data to help you understand which posts your followers like the most.

  • Tap on your profile photo
  • Tap on the Instagram Insights icon (bar chart)
  • Scroll down to ‘Posts’ and tap on ‘See More’
  • Your top posts will be shown by impressions
  • Filter your posts by tapping on the sentence at the top of the page.

The key takeaway

Once you know which images or videos spark the most engagement you can post more to see whether this trend continues…

8. Engage with your fans

Engagement is a key component of the ‘Instagram Algorithm’ used to decide how many people to show your post too. If you have very high engagement, your posts could even be featured in the ‘Explore Tab’ which reaches even more people! The more engagement a post has the higher probability it has of being shown in other peoples feeds!

The key takeaway

Increase engagement with your instagram followers by liking and replying to their comments on your posts!

9. Host contests

Contests can encourage new followers by inviting your current followers to tag a friend in the post to enter a contest!

The key takeaway

You can increase your followers and engagement by expanding your visibility and getting in front of new people.

10. Cross- post

Make sure your followers on other social platforms are aware that you’re on Instagram by ‘cross-posting’. Instagram makes it easy for you to get extra exposure by enabling you to share your posts to other platforms with a simple click! A Buzzsumo study found that images posted to Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement than those only posted to one page!

The key takeaway

Embed Instagram photos into your blog posts or add an Instagram feed to your Facebook page for added exposure.

Instagram is a very powerful social channel which can assist in your digital marketing initiative and push your brand into the market quickly. No marketer can effort to leave it out in their digital strategy. Below you can see the infographic nice illustrated and designed by leisureJobs. Maintaining Instagram followers and getting Massive Instagram Follower is key for success for sure.

10 Tips How To Gain Massive Instagram Followers!
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