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Without having powerful marketing plan your brand or company will not be visible or reach organic growth for your audience. Defining your right KPIs is essential in your all over marketing strategy and a successful marketing plan. 

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

What is your allover goal with your marketing? Company leaders and owners have ideas where their marketing budget should be spent ideally and how they can reach their target. Developing the marketing strategy is in our days much more simple since a lot of simplified guides can help us to make the right decision.

The agency evo put this handy infographic together which gives you insides how to prepare your marketing plan in seven simple steps.

Don’t forget the most important element, define your KPIs and revisit them after a while to adjust to market conditions changes.

Step 1: Define your success

A successful marketing plan starts with the definition of the right goal. It sounds simple but is not a trivial job to do. What does success mean for you and how can you measure it? The world of digital marketing gives us a great opportunity for actual measurements of our results and efforts. In the infographic we can read to define our metric very precise, in other words, you could also say make the goals reasonable. For example: If your goal is to reach 5000 consumers of a certain town of a certain age group you might want to know if there are even 5000 consumers that you could reach.

Reaching 90% of a potential audience group is in most cases not reasonable. Reaching 2-5% is maybe doable.

Step 2: Define your Audience

Knowing your clients is for sure essential, and to be more precise it is not a hard job to actual granulate them down. To achieve better results you might want to listen to your current clients and learn from them. This way you can get more insights from outsides and your job will resonate into a successful marketing plan.

Step 3: Build a profile and prioritize

Your KPIs should be based on the audience you defined and what exactly the ideal client shall be. No matter if you are upselling and cross-selling or targeting new clients. The concept stays the same. Don’t forget to profile may be different groups, one shoe does not fit all.

Step 4: Brainstorm

Marketing is not anymore a solo job for a single department or person. Extending the input to other team members out of sales or management can help to get a clear picture. Brainstorm around many different channels what you can do and what drives results best for you. Utilize marketing tools you have in access, there is no need to look for new once. Of course, we know that email marketing is one of the best channels in terms of costs versus results. Essential here are also potential partnerships that can help you to multiply your marketing efforts.

Step 5: Budget and prioritize

Well, here comes really the biggest question in the game. The infographic below recommends a relation between actual sales and spending. The factors drawn here are maybe correct in certain industry spaces and territories. But the goal drives the budget. For example: establishing new markets or segments of potential customers takes more effort in terms of costs. While upselling and cross-selling to existing clients can be quite cost-efficient. There might be other rules which apply, but the average numbers drawn below are a good starting point.

Step 6: Create, craft and implement

Speak your customer’s language and don’t try to establish a new culture if you want to have a quick win. Messaging is key and collateral like multimedia content are following trends year by year. Understanding what your audience wants to see and read is your winning team. You can see the classic “W” questions in the infographic below.

Step 7: Measure results, adjust and repeat

Nothing in the world today is static or stays over a long time the same. Markets are changing, culture is changing and our age group of buyers is moving quick. Your buyer of yesterday is maybe not your buyer anymore tomorrow. Understanding your results, analyzing them and adjusting your execution go hand in hand. Don’t get confused by the sentence in the infographic below. Marketing is in our days more sales than ever before. We can achieve the conversion of sales with the correct marketing for e-Commerce in digital marketing. Having a lead generation plan separated from a conversion plan makes sense to control better the budgets. Your successful marketing plan is living from constant adjustments and change.

Allover the guide is helpful to get you up and running and defining successful your marketing plan. If you require help you might consult your trusted partner or a close-by agency. Skillz Middle East can help you to define your KPIs, create meaningful messaging and guide you through understanding your results for better adjustments. The trial-and-error concept is a way to go but will for sure consume your budgets without getting the results you wanted. Contact us for a conversation or share your past experience in the commenting section below.


Successful Marketing Plan in 7 steps infograhic

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