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As a marketer, we learned about the does and don’t does how to write an email addressed to our clients and partners. We try to get them engaged and stay engaged. But having the right email marketing tools helps us in exactly this aspects. Knowing your audience means, “I know what you have done with my last email !”

Digital Marketing is indeed a required need in marketing strategies in our time. No doubt in that. Among the digital marketing technique that exists email marketing is getting noticed and has high importance, and the reason being its cost-efficient, flexible, effectiveness as well as the creativity that can be incorporated into it.

Why did Marketers forget about it?

There is a widespread misconception that email marketing. People say it is all about creating an attractive email and sending it to many through automated software without getting blacklisted.

We all know that gaining email addresses which are clean and reach the right audience is a must. But, that’s all in the past. Now the email marketing tools have become so much sophisticated and guarantee excellent results for reach and engagement.

People spend between 15-20 seconds on reading a single email, people spend 3-5 seconds reading a social post, the winner is email marketing.

An astounding feature of this new age tools is that they have the ability to predict the outcome of an email or even a social media marketing campaign.


Since marketing campaigns should span over various channels it is essential to bridge the gap between these channels. No surprise that more and more email marketing tools providers incorporate to publish also to social media channels.

However, those who are planning to get into email marketing might be baffled by an obvious question. 


“What are the effective tools that are put to use in email marketing, what are their main features compared?”

Well to cut the story short, we have everything you can wish for. Cloud-based offerings versus on-premise solutions, extended offering for our famous Gmail, marketing platforms which include email marketing automation, and of course the classic email marketing tools which allow you to layout in a browser efficient your email.

Is it overwhelming for you the choice and variations?


Don’t Worry! Have a sneak peek at the infographic from JoinViews, illustrating the top email marketing tools offerings. Just scroll down to the infographic and see the players on the market. If you are using today another tool let us know. Use the commenting section below and share with us what are the top features you are looking for.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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