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Wouldn’t it be useful if you had an SEO checklist to make sure your search engine optimization is Web – worthy in 2019? Well, today you can feel lucky, we have it for you in a handy infographic.

The comprehensive SEO checklist from LeapFroggr, a mobile app and software development firm should be ready to be used by any marketer. The complete infographic covers major components of SEO in sections: Research, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Miscellaneous tasks.

In the section “Research”, you can find elements referring to market research and recommends to perform niche research, competitor research, keyword research, data gathering tasks, and recommends webmaster tools.

In the section “On-page SEO” the infographic reminds us of our general tasks like for example our XML Sitemap, set focus on our content and performance, incorporate our primary keywords into our URL, check external CSS code, and the site schema.

In “Off-page SEO” our checklist points out to set alerts for our brands, find unlinked URLs, and brand mentions. Furthermore, you should perform links that intersect between your competitors for priority links, use competitors’ research data to get links.

One of my favorite topics is to check your content and see which is ranking, find competing sites for that, and get their links. Don’t forget to create your social media profiles and be more active on blogs with commenting, do expert roundups, be active on community pages and guest blogging on influencer websites.

One of the top 7 critical SEO mistakes in 2019 are Non-Unique Titles, says Neil Patel.

In the final section “Everything Else” covers the topic of what you can do on top of all this. There are more things you can do on social media, like adding sharing buttons on your website and add schemas. Make sure that you focus on reputation management, claim your name wherever you can register, and keep up to date with new coming up Google guidelines for SEO.

Each section contains a checklist or is further broken down with sub-checklists of items to check off for those various tasks.

eCommerce and SEO

In the past, we saw that a lot of mistakes happen when it comes to eCommerce. Since a lot of people just copy vendor-specific descriptions and technical data a unique content is not easily possible. Supple a SEMRush awarded agency from Australia made a very beautiful visual guide when it comes to Shopify and SEO.

Update 04.2020: Google is like a moving target, they update their SEO algorithm frequently by year. It is hard for marketers to keep track of the updates and hard work is sometimes lost through a new update. So in September 2019, there was also a rollout of an update and the question stays valid, did your traffic drop? Understand more about the updates and see the article, “Google Algorithm Update: September 2019 (Did your Rankings/Traffic Drop?)

Bookmark this useful SEO checklist infographic to make sure your SEO efforts don’t vanish and bring results for your brand and company in 2019. Watch also the video below from Neil Patel who points out the importance of METADATA for SEO.

Infographic SEO Checklist

Neil Patel: Should You Spend Time on Meta Tags?

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