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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Seven Social Media Content Trends for 2020 and Beyond [Infographic]

From time to time I get into the debate with marketers who don’t believe in social media. But I try to repeat myself, “it’s not about yourself where you want to be if they are your potential clients you need to show up and pick them up where they are.” Social media is a potentially invaluable medium for marketers.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

The US market is for social media a good benchmark. It seems like the American population is mastering their life on digital media quite well. Statistics show that three-fourths of the US population uses at least one in their favorite social platform. The outlook for the social media giants is promising, half of the world’s population is expected to be using at least one social platform within the coming months or year.

It’s about time to look into some trends which we expect to come up in 2020 and beyond.

In business, the message is clear for marketers. Social media marketing is a must in every marketing strategy to push brand awareness, popularity, and sales. It’s time to sit and adjust though strategy to hook the right way your audience with the trends showing up.


Location-specific Content

Location-based services are not new, but more than anything else it can help you to target your budgets correctly to reach the audience you want to have. We expect to see more location-based pages and promotions for events and specific deals.


Consumer-centric Content

Listening and learning were key in every proper marketing strategy, it is about time to get customer-centric. Based on user activity customize content and encourage your audience to participate in campaigns. Using analytics and insights is more relevant than ever before to understand and deliver the right content.


Ephemeral Content

Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Snapchat, who is your favorite? Ephemeral content disappears after a certain period. Focus on creating content that engages and triggers immediate action.


Product discovery through Social Media

Actually statistics say that 50% of people use Amazon for product search and not Google. The trend goes to the picture search and speech search. Prediction says by 2020 50% search will be done with this common method. To get your product found description and price information are key to success.

Social network penetration is constantly increasing worldwide and as of January 2019 stood at 45 percent of hte world population.

Video Content

Every year, video content is on the rise. Also in 2020, this will not stop. 56% of internet users watch videos on social media. They are not only for entertainment but easier to consume. Product videos, testimonials or simple how-to videos are top for the audience.


VR/AR Content

I personally have not seen so much VR/AR adoption in the last 12 months. Our social media users look for more practical use cases to actually tap into these technologies. Growth in 2020 is predicted, but maybe it stays a prediction unless we see a simplified usage of these technologies. Don’t shy away to produce this type of content to let your clients experience your products.


Influencer Content

The trend is clear and statistics say, 22% of internet users aged 18-34 purchase products after seeing influencers endorsement. However, assisting your influencer with content is key. Make a wise decision which influencer you team up with to promote your products and services.

Can we say all these trends are new? Maybe not but we for sure can say some of them continue to be more precise. Members of Gen Z will likely be driving advanced technologies and change our perspective on how to reach them. Social media content needs to target more precisely, utilize the given technologies and deliver our results.

Social Media Content is how we reach customers on social; this infographic by MicroCreatives, a creative design agency services provider, summarizes the trends again.

Infographic Seven Social Media Content Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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