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Developing Economy and sustainable community challenges leaders and developers to motivate local talents to stay in their region and help to develop their knowledge the economy of their own region. The GCC is taking a lot of efforts since many years to attract education and working in the GCC with great universities, best of breath companies for personal development and a family-friendly environment for National talent.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

GCC governments are implementing strong nationalisation strategies in order to ensure long-term sustainability of their economies, which is why IQPC Middle East exclusively developed a report on ‘7 considerations to attract, develop and retain national talent in the GCC’ highlighting the most pressing issues related to nationalisation strategies and capacity building schemes currently present in the market. National talent is seen as key to succeeding in this mission.

In an infographic, IQPC is looking into an overview on the current challenges and potential solutions that GCC-based employers and HR managers need to be aware of to ensure that they can maintain highly-attractive offerings for a top talent of every type.

As the Middle East moves towards a knowledge-based economy powered by people aligned with cutting-edge digital technologies, the attraction and retention of top-tier and national talent are becoming crucial to the long-term viability of companies across all industries.

No matter where you are in your talent management journey, each of these considerations can be assessed and assimilated into your strategic approach to finding the right people for the right position and then keeping them once they’re part of your winning team. The national talent of the past was educated overseas and was afterward not attracted to come back to the region and use their talent over here. Culture difference between the hosting educational nation and the GCC nationals created a huge gap for motivation, created conflicts in believes and contnious further development.

IQPC Middle East organized in December 2017 a Knowledge Development & Capacity Building Forum which showcased how you can develop the full potential of human capital in your organisation, check out the website for more details.

Read the full infographic below and let us know how you think about the development in the GCC.


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