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If you have ever posted on social media as a small brand, you know how it feels like just talking a void. Most of the time, no one will actually respond. There will be no comments, likes or even re-tweets. But, this isn’t the case with IG.

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No matter how small the audience might be, the posts will actually receive at least few comments and likes, mainly if you are using some relevant hash tags. And with that huge amount of active users of 800 million+, it is always going to be an enticing marketing channel for sure.

The business part of the IG e-commerce is quite strong. That’s why WordPress is leading the way by creating some WP based IG themes for the users to gain some more attention from the masses easily. Not only does the IG’s engagement demolish that of Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, but even for brands, it can even outperform FB any day by factor of ten. It can easily wonder why these brands are on IG right? For some more details in this regard and to get the points straight over here, it is mandatory to click on for some help in this regard for sure.

Ways to create that IG ad:

There are some golden rules for you to follow if you are trying to create IG ad for the first. The steps are getting updated on a daily basis, and you need to follow the ones allotted for 2018. You can start from the basic and then advance to the more advanced stages for best response over here.

Your Beginner’s Guide To The Value Of Instagram Advertising At Its Best

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The IG link problem:

For a longer period of time, the issue with marketing on Instagram has been to get the fans on IG back to your website. As you cannot just place clickable links in any of your organic posts, brands have to get some direct IG follows to link in bio instead. With every new post, they have to update the link continuously.

  • Even though this idea is not an ideal one, IG has still been quite an impactful source of the sales and traffic for most of the companies out there. Moreover, IG was one most successful traffic source, if you check some of the online case studies.
  • All traffic primarily came from the links in the bio. But, it has to come with some really exciting part to it. You can always include the links to your website in posts if you ever advertise on IG. For example, by adding the “Shop Now” button, you are actually taking readers to the product page directly.

Trying to shop on Instagram:

Instagram has now partnered with Shopify, which will take the things a few steps forward and further. It will help in offering product tagging and also a Shop tab directly just inside the IG interface.

  • Shopping on the IG page will provide a seamless form of customer checkout experience. It is meant for anyone who is willing to discover the products in IG feed.
  • With the help and introduction of product tagging, e-commerce brands will now have more reasons to just start advertising on IG.

Introduction – ways to advertise on IG:

In the past field, if you ever wanted to advertise on IG, you might have to use the power of sponsored posts. It will require negotiating with the IG influencers privately and then asking their help to promote your brand on their individual accounts. Even though this can prove to be quite an effective way of driving sales and traffic through the art of IG marketing, it might have some limitations of their own.

  • The entire task of working with the IG influencers can be often expensive and hard for you to afford, especially for the new and small companies.
  • Moreover, this step will often be in need of reaching out and then negotiating.
  • If the IG influencers fail to offer you with the results that you have asked for or they fail to deliver the promise, they won’t be held any accountability or recourse.
  • There is always going to be limited targeting towards the audience as those are only allotted with the ones associated with the influencers’ individual accounts and not more.

Well, the sponsored posts till have their holds in IG advertising. Getting someone else to do the task of promoting your items will carry out some of the solid benefits. If can also offer that social proof you need and will add that cool factor to business. So, chances are high for people to buy your items even before if they can find someone else using it before them. On the other hand, even though you don’t have much control over influencers’ audience, at least you really don’t have to take any decision on who you are planning to target.

Sponsored ads will still be defined as great way to do some kind of influencer outreach, mainly when you are trying to sell items. Moreover, they are not just the only way to just leverage influencers. It was in October 2017 that IG launched paid partnerships in an effort for increasing transparency for users and to provide brands and influence alike with ad opportunities. This feature is mostly available to those accounts with multiple engagement and followers with more insights and also reporting than some of the standardized sponsored posts.

Your Beginner’s Guide To The Value Of Instagram Advertising At Its Best

Image Credit: Pixabay

Works better than expected:

Right from late 2015, anyone is now able to create IG ads through some of the self-serve FB advertising platform. With the help of it, you can always take complete control over your ads, ways in which those might appear and who can see them. Unlike any of the sponsored posts and some of the paid partnerships, the ads will get posted directly right from the own account. The advantages of this form of IG ads will be scalable pricing, instant and self-serve, robust reporting to help you be in charge and also highly refined form of audience targeting.

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