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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) was the buzz word of 2017. Robotics and bots are getting more human or not. Time to understand human behavior and what does it mean in the advertising industry? A look at the current trends and growth of programmatic advertising.

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Programmatic advertising is going mainstream if we can say so. With more than 60% of all marketers which are using programmatic ads for brands, companies, and campaigns we can say it did arrive. All this we can read in today’s infographic by Koeppel Direct.

Koeppel Direct put the highlights in their graphic to illustrate the benefits of programmatic, increased efficiency, reduced media-buying costs, and omnichannel targeting. The outlook is promising, a yearly growth of 20% is expected. In 2017 the industry growth was 31% and social ads by 25% and video ads by 20%.

The way marketers use programmatic ads is actually a little like traditional marketing to their disadvantage. 96% of marketers use it for displaying the ads only and even 16% use it on none interactive devices like TV and OTT. The biggest opportunity for the mobile audience is still not served to it’s maximum, where improvements could be achieved.

96% of OTT is displaying programmatic ads which are an achievement compared to other devices like 86% of all mobiles only. 

Programmatic ads aren’t at all perfect, potential problems are also mentioned in the graphic. We can find issues like ad fraud and the risk that ads are placed alongside violence or contradictional content.

I summary we still need to say that marketers who haven’t explored this channel may want to start now. The advantages of programmatic marketing tend to outweigh the disadvantages and are the future of personalized messaging to your audience.

Read more in the infographic and find all details to Benefits, Trends, and Solutions to programmatic ads. Let us know where you see the pitfalls, risks or challenges you are facing using it today. Use the commenting below and exchange your opinion with your peers.

Programmatic Advertising: Benefits, Trends, and Solutions

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