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Email, social, search engine marketing, and offline campaigns… can there be any more ways to reach customers? Today’s Infographic talks about seven tested ways texting can be used for your small business.

The folks at TextMagic say “yes,” and argue that texting (SMS) can be one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your audience, noting that SMS has open rates of 98% and conversation rates of 45%.

While both corporations and small businesses user emails, paid social advertising and other means of search engine marketing to keep their heads above the water, they often forget about the important channel of business texting.

Take a look at how SMS can improve your sales and marketing efficiency, and increase both customer and employee satisfaction. Texting can be leveraged as a powerful and cost-effective promotional tool. Here is why:

A text message has an estimated open rate of 98%, compared to email’s 20%.

Further, you can read in the infographic, 90% of the time a text message is read within the first 3 minutes of receiving it, according to MobileSQUARED. Customers who receive texts have a 40% higher conversation rate than those who don’t.

TIP: For promotions that are time-sensitive, use text messaging. If time is not critical, combine text with email campaigns.

Texting shouldn’t be limited to marketing, in the infographic, you can learn about  seven tested ways texting can be used for small businesses:

1. Sales and marketing campaigns, how they compare to other channels.

2. Coupons, a bonus for redemption and successful building customer database

3. Order confirmations, which easily increases customer satisfaction

4. Appointment reminders, reduce no show rate and cost-effective way compared to other channels

5. Alerts and notifications, focus on important details to increase customer satisfaction

6. Staff communication, short messages with essential information are welcome

7. Surveys, polls with short answers have a high number of participants,

To see more on how text messaging improves your customer and employee communication for your business, check out the infographic “7 Tested Ways to Use Texting for small business”.

Seven Tested Ways Texting Can Help Your Business
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