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With nearly three billion social media users worldwide, determining a set of rules to please everyone would be impossible. But there are some guidelines that brands should follow to help ensure social media branding and business success. Does our brand’s social media behavior really makes a difference?.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

CJG Digital Marketing put together an infographic that highlights six social media behaviors or actions to avoid:

1. Posting too many promotional messages. The infographic reports that 58% of social followers are annoyed by too many promotional messages. But it’s a balance. About 85% of people need to see a product or service multiple times on social media before purchasing, the infographic states, so don’t under-post, either.

2. Sharing irrelevant information. Occasionally it’s good to post out-of-the-box messages, but overall remember why your followers chose to follow your brand and give them what they expect.

3.  Tweeting too frequently. Tweets are good. Too many tweets can cause people to unfollow, especially if you’re mostly retweeting the same things again and again.

4. Using jargon or slang awkwardly. “The better of a job you do with this, the less your followers will think of you as an adult experiencing a midlife crisis, overusing words like ‘bae’ and ‘on fleek.'” Enough said.

5. Staying too quiet. Though over-tweeting can be problematic, under-tweeting can cause your brand to be forgotten, allowing competitors to fill in the gap. Test to find a balance.

6. Not replying to messages. According to the infographic, 15% of people say that not replying to their posts via social is reason enough to unfollow. Plus, social media provides an easy platform for connecting with your audience, so take advantage of it.

Social Media Behaviors to avoid

Undoubtedly, social media has become a premier platform for businesses and marketers alike. With over 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide as of January 2017, it has become the largest congregation of the world’s population.

It’s a huge loss to any business that has not yet placed itself in social media. Social media behaviors are to be watched and looked out especially with the six examples on top.

With an avenue that promotes the freedom of expression, it’s relatively easy to be the voice of the population. It’s also relatively easy to be ignored as well. A big factor that plays into an account’s obscurity lies in the mistakes that the user commits with their online presence.

In fact, an independent Social’s survey of more than 1,000 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users found that there are six among the many major social media behavior that stands as a big mistake in any business – even yours – can be prone to at any given point.

And they can result to you losing followers quickly. In this infographic, we will discuss these six mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

This detailed infographic would show you the Social Media Behaviors Your Brand Needs to Stop, check out the facts below.


Social Media Behaviors Your Brand Needs to Avoid in 2017 [Infographic]

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