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Listen to your counterparts is the way to success in many fields. Japan was many years back the leader of the best listener on this planet. As marketer reading, CMO Predictions is maybe interesting for 2018.

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Did you wish for Christmas, if only you could read the thoughts of successful CMOs to see what they are planning for 2018…  Would this be helpful to know what they are focusing on and on what they think money should be spent? CMO Predictions are out or not?

Well, let us make your wish reality because PAN Communications asked 11 CMOs from various industries about their thoughts for 2018 and created for us an infographic with the highlights.

So let’s see what can we learn from these CMOs.

Alicia Tillman, CMO from the software giant SAP brings it home. Companies will voice social and environmental issues. Coming out of 2017, marketers should be asking themselves, ‘”should our brand have a voice on economic, social and environmental issues? … While conventional wisdom argues silence, we saw brands stepping into conversations with varying degrees of success. Today’s consumers and workforce favor businesses whose values align with their own. which is inspiring leading brands to find that voice and purpose. In 2018, companies will emphasize their purpose; those who do so authentically will be rewarded.

Kofax, one of the grown leader from data capture and Grant Johnson, CMO of Kofax, see the potentials in technology stacks and Carlos Gil, founder of Gil Media Co., sees influencer marketing to have to improve in 2018.

Maybe I personally feel that this one is already overdue but finally, Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, predicts that 2018 will bring more revenue responsibility to marketers, while Nilly Assia, CMO of Portnox, wishes to see marketers’ becoming agiler.

Thanks to Matt Heinz who really pointed out my personal fact since digital marketing emerged on our planet. The best CMO Predictions 2018 is that ‘Marketing is no longer a cost center, it needs to prove to be a profit center’.

Listening and Analysis are still keeping us busy, Brian Kardon, CMO from Fuze sees the importance is still there. However, my personal 5 cents are the fact that there is still a weak understanding in the analysis which does not unveil the potentials.

Read the infographic below and learn what the 11 CMO Predictions said about what’s coming this year. Who will you follow, who do you believe has the best set strategy for 2018, who is ready? Share your opinion below in a comment.

2018 CMO predictions

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