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Website Traffic

Website traffic is integral for maintaining a website. Whether it is an eCommerce store using the woocommerce mix and match plugin or a blog where you share content, the ultimate aim is to draw the attention of web users.

Traffic is even more important for business websites and eCommerce stores looking to convert prospects into customers. While traffic does not define a conversion, more traffic means more conversion. Without traffic, there will be no web users to enjoy the discounts you provide them using woocommerce smart coupons. There are certain times when your website used to have traffic but no longer has traffic. The drop may be gradual or sudden, but it is always noticeable. Other times, your website may not be getting the desired traffic at all. Here are five possible reasons why your website traffic is not boosting.

Lack of Website Optimization for Users of Mobile Devices

This may be one of the most likely reasons for the lack of website traffic. The majority of web users access the internet via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The chances that your target audience uses his or her mobile phone to access the internet is over 83%. With this figure, it is not rocket science to understand how you are limiting your website traffic by not creating a website suitable for users of mobile devices.


Website Traffic

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Poor User Experience

User experience is the major key. Without premium user experience, you may most likely lose your customers and potential customers to a competitor. Contrary to certain opinions, user experience starts from the moment your webpage starts loading. Slow loading pages will definitely hurt your traffic. No web user wants to wait for more than 5 seconds for your website to load. This is one reason why SEO is important.

You are not just meeting the algorithms of search engines, you are also satisfying customers or potential customers. Besides slow loading pages, there are many other causes of poor user experience. One of such can be your page design with is harming website speed and reducing website traffic. If the average web user cannot easily navigate through your website, they will not bother staying a second longer on your website.

Too Many Broken Links

Imagine walking into a room in a house and you notice that the room has been abandoned. Also, imagine that this particular room is your entrance to the house. Although there are other entry points, this abandoned room was your entry point. Imagine that you also tried other entry points and also meeting abandoned rooms. The chances that you will leave that house and never return to it again is very high.

That house is your website, the rooms are your web pages and the entry points are the links to those web pages. Having broken links like the “Error 404: Page Not Found’ message is similar to the case of the abandoned room in a functional house as mentioned earlier. Web users will conclude that your website (the house) is an abandoned website that no longer exists.

Unfamiliar URLs

The URL of your website should give an idea of your company. It does not take much to create a website and this has led to the creation of many fraudulent websites on the internet. Many users (especially those visiting your website for the first time) may not know your actual website.

One way to distinguish your website from other websites is through your URL. Your URL MUST include the name of your company at least. I am sure even you as a person will not be comfortable buying goods from a store whose name displayed on the signboard in front of the store is different from the name of the company or on its products.

Loss of Important Backlinks

Backlinks are a sign of authority and prove that you are who you claim to be. It takes a considerable amount of effort to influence the activities of another website. More backlinks mean higher chances of your website getting traffic.

Losing valuable backlinks means you will lose the amount of traffic your website gets. Reasons for loss of backlinks include deletion of contents or broken links.

Contents are the major means of getting backlinks and deleting them could cause you to lose that particular backlink. One way to avoid this is by checking the performance of your content before deleting them. Also, deletion of contents can also lead to broken links.

There are many other reasons why your website is not getting the desired boost in traffic. The reasons stated here are such that the average website operator can use to make amends. Website operators should also run diagnostics regularly on their websites to identify and clear certain issues. Preventive methods are always best. However, the reasons stated above will help you if you find your website traffic be low.

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce plugin),, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.
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