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Every year marketers are trying to find a way to attract consumers and partners with an engaging message or content over the holiday season, it is more than just the Black Friday. It’s time to plan our upcoming holiday season content.

Bigger Than Black Friday: Boost Your Holiday Season Sales
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Dieter Hovorka

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Black Friday has pride of place as the e-commerce event of the holiday season. But in a season where the average publisher doubles their commerce revenue, it makes sense to seize every e-commerce opportunity on offer. So Skimlinks, a commerce-content monetization platform, put together insights and best practices in this infographic to help you do it.

Interesting to read are the insights around verticals to write about during the holiday season. These categories saw the highest order value increase during the holidays. Department Stores a plus of 231%, luxury gods 230%, woman fashion over 458%, consumer electronics 190%, or jewelry 184%.

Lessons learned from 2018 are the insights of the top merchants.

In the infographic, we can find recommendations on what to write to about during the key days of the season. For example Thanksgiving, Black Friday, “silent” Saturday & Sunday, Cyber Monday, Holiday content and more. 

It’s called a holiday season for a reason

Holiday commerce content will start to perform for some publishers as early as November 1. Some publishers choose to publish early to secure preferential SEO ranking, others will publish during November and immediately prior to Black Friday to maximize impact. In an ideal world look to do both: You can capture the early birds getting ahead of the crowd and benefit from the traffic surge during the Thanksgiving weekend too.


There were 50% more clicks on mobile than desktop during Black Friday 2018, but despite the growth of mobile as a browsing channel, conversion rate continues to lag behind the desktop. The desktop had a 5% conversion rate during Black Friday 2018, compared to 3.5% for mobile. That trend continues during the holiday season as a whole: Desktop averaged a 3.6% conversion rate, versus mobile’s 2.6%. 

Highlights of the Holiday season

Grey November

Interest in Black Friday and holiday content starts picking up from November 1. Early birds shoppers start making their purchases now.

Black Friday (29.November, Black Friday 2019)

The big one. Publishers and advertisers alike harness the single-day shopping event to drive record results each year.

Thanksgiving (28.November)

While some folks are distracted by their Turkey, others have started shopping. Millions of clicks take place in our network before Black Friday has even begun.

Cyber Monday (2 December, Cyber Monday 2019)

It isn’t the only e-commerce event after Thanksgiving anymore, but it is still a great opportunity for electronics commerce content. People make big investment purchases for the holidays, especially lVs and laptops.

Last Shipping Date

Shipping windows are improving, but for many retailers, there’s still a cut off for guaranteed delivery. This is when last-minute shoppers start to panic and need advice on where they can still buy gifts for loved ones that will arrive in time for the holidays.

Although aimed at online publishers, the infographic is useful for marketers and others who can benefit from knowing about shopper personas, key events of the holiday season, and more. 

Bigger Than Black Friday: Boost Your Holiday Season Sales

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