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If only you could read the thoughts of successful CMOs to see what they are planning for 2019, a question which we have nearly every year. Do you feel it would be helpful if you would know what they are focusing on and where they think money should be spent?

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Every year PAN Communications asks CMOs from various industries about their thoughts for and creates a nice infographic. 2019 it is no difference at all, there are CMOs which share their goals and objectives.

Balancing the art and science that is marketing can be a challenge, but below you’ll see that marketers and influencers alike are willing to find that perfect combination and bridge any communication gaps between brands and customers. Blending technology like Al in combination with personalized strategies like ABM will improve these efforts, but only if marketers put people before the data.

Find out what the experts predict for the upcoming year ahead. Each prediction brings a fresh perspective to what marketers can expect this year.

The predictions fall into four categories:

  1. The Customer Experience Will Come Back to the Forefront for Marketers as They Continue to Find Ways to Humanize Their Brand
  2. Martech and Data will be a Necessity not a Luxury for Marketers
  3. Ideation Will Become More of a Competitive Advantage and Applauded by Customers when Executed
  4. Keeping Pace with the Digital Evolution will Go Hand in Hand with Upcoming Security Risks

The three C’s. Marketing will focus less on promotion. propaganda and persuasion. and more on customer experience. culture. and contribution to the business. Marketing is a strategic business asset to every company! Leading marketers Know how to demonstrate the value to the board and c-suite. They push back on tactical requests to create more content and campaigns. and focus on creating content that helps buyers on their journey to solve a problem. And finally, they know that the only way to accomplish this is by building a culture focused on purpose and passion for solving customer problems across the entire company – stated Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insiders & Part-time CMO about customer experience.

Blue chip companies as SAP and their CMO Alicia Tillman had interesting thoughts to share.

If 2018 was the year of embracing brand purpose. 2019 will be the year brands turn purpose into action. This past year. we have seen significant steps forward from brands who authentically joined conversations and shined a spotlight on prevailing social issues – but consumers are now asking, “so what are you doing about it?”. Accountab1lity will be the defining characteristic of successful ownership of brand purpose in the year ahead.

Data will combat content overload. In the B2B space, we’re seeing a significant increase in content overproduction by brands and information overload for buyers. alternatively, more B2B companies are, implementing what we call “Best Answer” marketing programs that are more customer-centric and experiential. relying on data to inform the mix of content, influencers, social. search, ads, and earned media. Driven in part by brand and influencer relationships, these integrated program offer high level of relevance across channels. helping brands create affinity early in the buyer journey that carries through all the way to purchase and advocacy. They become the best answer for their customers, share Lee Odden, CEO & Co-founder from TopRank Marketing.

Carla Johnson an International Keynote speaker and bestselling author share her vision. Ideas and innovation will become paramount. Marketers have spent so much time the last few years nailing technology and nailing metrics into place. But 1n 2019. we’ll see the pendulum begin to swing toward marketing driving more ideas and innovation throughout organizations. This means how we connect with and learn from customers and prospects. how we recruit and onboard talent in our organizations. and how we look to simplify the process of doing business with our companies. The key is to recognize that marketers are storytellers, and every great idea needs support inside a company before it can make a difference outside.

Assistant Professor, Darden School of Business [University of Virginia] and Former CMO and Current Forbes Contributor Kimberly A. Whitler shared her thoughts. The CMO of 2019 will realize that multi-industry experience is a ticket to mobility. It used to be that, to have a successful carrier, marketers largely stayed in one or maybe two verticals. Now, those making it to the top tend to have, for example, blue-chip CPG experience, then move to retail or financial services or telecom and then migrate to tech or another field. The future C-level marketing leader will bounce from industry to industry, accumulating expansive knowledge that can help build more valuable-·and portable–expertise and a richer network that can be leveraged to solve business challenges.

In 2019 we will see an increasing priority on leveraging the power of storytelling to play up Voice of the Customer programs. Integrated agencies will come to the forefront in terms of ideation, creativity, and alignment between departments. Traditional marketing has expired, and integration wilt prove to be a solution for those brands trying to win back customers trust and advocacy.




What Do CMOs Predict for 2019? [Infographic]

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