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podcast | Skillz Middle East
podcast | Skillz Middle East
Why Effective DAM Platform (Digital Asset Management) is Essential

Digital media assets can be extremely effective tools in teaching and conveying information. It’s estimated that 65 percent of people are visual learners, which makes graphics, videos, slides, and other visual media important tools when supplying them with information. Read today why a DAM Platform can help you to overcome the challenge working with these files.

DAM Platform
Eliza Nimmich, a digital marketer for Got.Media
Eliza Nimmich

Guest Writer

Many people spend time traveling and find that listening to audio presentations is a great way to use that time productively. Digital assets of one sort or another are used throughout most businesses and make those businesses run more effectively. This makes DAM Platform an important part of any business.

While they are an essential resource, digital assets have a variety of security issues for businesses. Often they include sensitive information that should not be shared with the outside world. The majority of business workers don’t take digital asset protection as seriously as they need to which can result in information finding its way to a competing business either through accident or theft. A good digital asset management solution is needed to ensure that workers are accountable for any assets they make use of.

High Volume of Digital Assets can be manager in a DAM Platform

Image Credit: Pixabay

Minimize Search Time

Digital media assets also have the problem that they are only useful if the person who needs them can get hold of them with minimum effort. Data assets can easily be lost or deleted. They can be hard to track down when needed. The more time a worker spends hunting for the assets they need the less time they will spend doing productive work. Good digital asset management tools provide backup, browsing, and search functionality that makes keeping track of assets significantly more manageable.

Protect your Investment

It is often necessary to protect digital assets for legal reasons too. Many assets used in business may be licensed from third parties, and letting those assets out into the wild may have serious legal repercussions. In one case a 3.6 million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against BuzzFeed Inc resulted from a freelance photographer having their work misused. This could have been avoided if the assets involved had been protected and tracked by a reputable digital asset management solution.

Videos are getting larger Digital Assets a DAM Platform can help

Image Credit: Pixabay

Digital asset management should be a core concern for any company that makes large scale use of digital media assets, but also in the SMB field, it is getting essential for productivity. The cost of losing those assets or of having them find their way into the wrong hands will usually be far higher than the cost of managing them effectively. A good asset management strategy and solution ensures that the media assets a company relies on will be there when they need them. If you are not yet using a DAM platform (Digital Asset Management solution) you should consider it, there are solutions which fit for everyone’s wallet.

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