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If you want to rank online, your content needs to stand out. It’s no longer enough to simply be better – you now need to be 10x better to really have a definite advantage that you can rely upon in the search results and Increase Website Traffic.

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Thankfully, the team at Siege Media has a recommended path to accomplish that. The below infographic, from their post, shows how to increase website traffic, detailing several actionable ways to create bigger, better content. The easy and advanced technics to success in this exercise are impressive and in the same time very logic. While a lot have to do with our good old day knowledge which we forgot we see also some highlights, for me personal the highlights of the infographics are the social sharing and distribution of content. Nothing new on the layout front, or … what do you think? Read the infographic below, learn how you can Increase Website Traffic, and share your comments and thoughts, happy reading. Don’t forget to see the summary, conclusion below the infographic.
How to Increase Website Traffic 10x Better Than Competitors
In essence, one of the quickest takeaways from this infographic is to try harder. Most want shortcuts to create content. Unfortunately, most of it comes down to the willingness to invest and go further than your competitors. In our mind, the following concepts from the infographic solidify that:

Make Your Content 2,400+ Words

If you want to write a short post and still rank, you might as well go home. According to a study from SearchMetrics, the average content ranking #1 has 2,416 words. This means depth and impressive stands out. It might be correlation, not causation, but the reality is that length correlates with quality more often than not.

Add Interactivity/Video/Other Content Types

It is not enough to simply write a text blog post and expect to rank for a competitive query. Some recent studies have shown interactive content converts 200% better than static content. And in addition, it’s this level that really makes your piece stand out/be linkable that others are not willing to achieve. In our limited experience, too, there’s been a definite ranking effect when creating content that’s interactive versus non-interactive. Interactivity, at the time of this writing, seems to have a definite effect on Google’s positioning of your content in the SERPs.

Use Nine Images or More

According to that same study by SearchMetrics, the average post ranking #1 uses nine images. Nine! This post won’t have nine, but it’s also not competing for a high competition keyword. If yours is, you might want to consider going to that depth with big, high-quality images in order to stand out.

In Essence: Don’t Stop Until You’re 10x

At the end of the day, what matters is that you put in more work than your competitors. But this shouldn’t be depth for the sake of it – it should be depth, that actually adds value. If you work hard to add that value and do it time and time again, you’ll achieve that 10x goal. If you want more tips to increase your website traffic, you might want to check out 40 Tips to Explosive Website Traffic Infographic.

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