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Since 2012 I had the honor to speak on government conferences across the Middle East. We had the discussion of the future of smart cities, innovations and one of the things which always popped up is the term IoT. IoT (Internet of Things) shall enhance our living environment with intelligence and with simple using data and communication through the internet. So let’s look into 2018 IoT trends, what is coming up, what will progress and stay.

Already once I used the infographic from Telefonica who makes a superb job putting information together in a visual presentation. As every year in January, they summarize the coming up trends in IoT (Internet of Things). Since smart cities are maybe the driver number of IoT we witness it more and more popular also in private and commercial sector.

The outlook of the trends for can be summarized in the following statement. We still will be looking into Big Data, will see more autonomous cars, eSIMs will get trendy, IoT based on blockchain gets more adoption in government space and edge solutions will drive the trends in 2018 onwards.

The 2018 IoT trends in numbers of millions, billions and trillions in a beautiful infographic.

eSIM will be a global enabler for IoT. We see the great potential for growth with more than $14.61 billion on market value by 2025. The Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2025 will be over 26.3%.

Drones which have arrived over the last 2 years in all living rooms and homes. We observe drones as the new delivery systems coming up. The global security market is worth $10.5 billion by 2020. In the service sector, the market will achieve a value of $18.2 billion.

More is to come with edge solutions. The edge computing market is expected to grow from $158.8 million in 2017 to $383.6 million by 2022.

It is no surprise that bitcoin and blockchain technology have received fame which results also in new approaches for IoT. The global blockchain market was valued at $509.1 million in 2015. IoT solutions based on blockchain will grow up to $6.08 billion in 2023.


There is potential to consolidate device management with the lightweight M2M protocol. The lightweight M2M protocol as a standard for the low-end market will save energy. M2M device connections will grow to $2.2 billion in 2023. More than 20 billion IoT devices are expected by 2026.

These are the 5 top IoT trends for 2018 to look close into. But there is more to come, you can read it all in the below infographic which was put together from Telefonica. In the infographic, you can find more about …

  • LPWA for new connectivity
  • Industry get’s smarter with Industry 4.0
  • Voice, interfaces of the future
  • Big Data analytics is still a hot topic


  • Cybersecurity for increasing threats

All over we can say IoT is the new way of using technology. Check out all the numbers below in the infographic, IoT Trends for 2018. Let us recall your thoughts and opinion, which IoT trends to you see emerging? I am happy to be in dialogue with you, share your thoughts in the commenting section below.


IoT Trends for 2018
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