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If more than one-third of the world is on social media, how can you make sure the right message gets to the right people? How will you be effective to market each generation? Read along for some helpful tips and study infographic below. Market each generation to ensure a good ROI.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”
Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

There will be 2.67 billion social media users worldwide by 2018, according to estimates cited in an infographic by Personal Money Service.

The infographic suggests one way is to know your audience by generation. For example, it cites a statistic that Generation Z prefers to see real people rather than celebrities in their advertisements. And 68% of that Generation X makes buying decisions based on reviews. 78% of the US population has social network profiles nowadays. We should also never forget our loved ones known as the Millennials, that is the biggest opportunity.

The US is by far the largest Social Media advertising market with a yearly spending of 31 billion in 2016 according to Statista. Does this sound not good to make a proper market penetration process true? Or since we gave you all insights of the potential of each generation?

The graphic also provides an overview of some of the big social media channels. On it, notes for example, that 79% of all Twitter accounts are outside the US, and 65% of leading brands have an Instagram account.

Optimizing your business and understanding how to market each generation, brings you the advantage ahead of your competition and time.

See more about how different generations use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Co, read an incredible infographic below of its kind! Enjoy and have fun learning more about how to efficiently  “Market each Generation on Social Media to Benefit Your Business.”

Market each Generation On Social Media Infographic

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