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Want to boost your referral traffic and generate more social shares from your content? Then craft engaging infographics. Here’s how to get started and build successful Infographic for yourself.

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Dieter Hovorka

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Why Infographics should be part of your SEO Strategy and how to successful infographic look like, read more below. We know besides visual graphics on your website and social posts Infographics are a better way to showcase any topic. Another method might be an explainer video, but we write about this topic on another day.

First, “identify what your target audience will be interested in,” states SerpLogic in its infographic. “A successful infographic will highlight the expertise of the company creating it while satisfying the interest of its audience.”

Second, choose the type of infographic—static, motion, or interactive—to create. More and more Gifographics come on the market which makes them even shinier. Animation can help to explain data or just makes it look nice.

Next, “source the content and data points for the infographic,” recommends SerpLogic. “Reference all data to give credit to the original source of information.”

The Brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text information

You can also find some statistical data which justify the time you will spend on creating your infographic, pitfalls to avoid. For example, your social media marketing will boost since people are 40x more attracted to share visual content than other types of information.

For more tips on creating a successful infographic, check out the infographic below. Tell us which infographics you love and which one you would like to see in the future. Use our commenting section below to keep the conversation with your peers.

Six Steps to Creating a Successful Infographic for Your Business

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