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podcast | Skillz Middle East
podcast | Skillz Middle East
6 Must-know Tips for Omnichannel selling [Infographic]

It is not a secret but let us remind ourselves. The future of e-Commerce is omnichannel retail, where online and offline merge. It is all about online internet, mobile apps, TV spots, and Radio spots. Also we can utilize SMS phone activities and MMS for our omnichannel selling strategy.

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Dieter Hovorka

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If you offer your customers an omnichannel information approach they are 93% more ready to purchase than customers who shop direct/online. Today’s infographic prepared by Referal Candy, who offers an e-commerce store a referral program.

The early days of e-commerce were about getting stuff online. Now It’s building brands. We’re seeing things like pop-up stores to capture specific markets or concept flagship stores merging into the offline.  There’s e1 move from plain e-commerce to brand building, stated Michel Kotting the venture capitalist from Accel.

Omnichannel customers spend 208% more than customers who shop in-store only.

So the question remains, who do you gear up for the omnichannel retail future? Where to do want to be online or offline or a hybrid of both to Win?

So let us have a look at 3 marketing tactics which can bring you success for omnichannel selling.

#1 Social Media which needs to be targeted. Your content shared on social media should address happenings with an e-commerce store and your physical retail store. When possible, target the content related to specific locations to ensure only certain members of your audience see this information, was an advice from Brain Honigman who is a freelance writer, content marketer, and social media consultant.

#2 Ad campaigns – lead people across channels. While it’s most natural for an e-commerce company to promote via social media, and offline store to market at events or through direct mail, more often than not the lines are blurred, mentioned by Dani Frankhauser the associated editor for branded content and mashable.

#3 Track your leads – get the emails in your stores. When collecting a customers email in a store you are able to build a customer profile that allows your organization to track their shopping behavior across your online and offline stores, was brought to attention by brain Honigman.

Omnichannel selling lives from customer experience while serving on their favorite digital channel. To succeed in your customer experience mission you need to focus on integration, experiment, and mobile.

#4 Integrate – combine online and offline into a cohesive whole

#5 Experiment – delight and surprise your customers to make an impact

#6 Mobile – offer seamless cross-channel experience with a mobile app

This 6 tips can boost your omnichannel selling, make it a break it. All these experienced marketers shared here their tips with us which we can utilize successful now.

As consumers become increasingly channel agnostic, retailers need to ensure content seamlessly follows consumers on their cross-channel Journey providing the right information and incentives the maximize the purchase decision-making process at each and every point. – Carsten Thoma, President & Chief Operating Officer at Hybris the e-commerce software expert.

The future of successful retail lies in the Hybrid approach the merge seamless the online and offline experience for customers.

6 Must-know Tips for Omnichannel selling [Infographic]

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